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How to Choose Your Bulletproof Vest?

How to Choose Your Bulletproof Vest: When choosing a bulletproof vest doubt to arise as the size, the model, weight, brand or price.

To begin, we will talk about the levels of protection of the bulletproof vests. To select the most appropriate level of security, we must study each case in particular: the weaponry of the person wearing the jacket and his companions, since they are also a threat and the type of operations that it faces. There are usually four levels of protection. At the ends, level I can prevent the passage of projectiles caliber 22 and 38 unique, while level IV blocks projectiles from assault rifles. Outside of war zones and especially within cities, it is recommended to use level IIIA.

bulletproof vest

The size of a bulletproof vest is essential: it has to fit like a second skin, without gaps, to be active and allow at the same time to perform any action and movement. Its use is continuous, there are professionals who wear it for hours, so comfort is essential. It is also recommended that the coverage of the vests include the sides. The size of each user varies according to the height and chest and waist measurements.

How to Choose Your Bulletproof Vest

On the other hand, the expiration of a bulletproof vest lasts up to 10 years. However, it depends on the manufacturer, and it is a fact to take into account when choosing your jacket. The expiration date of a vest does not mean that the vest loses its properties. It means that the civil liability insurance that accompanies each garment ceases to be received after the date stipulated by the manufacturer: if a vest fails in any operation, the manufacturer reimburses the affected party with millions. The expiration of a jacket is directly related to the qualities of the materials with which it is made. These lose properties and therefore their effectiveness/effectiveness of stop decreases depending on the environmental conditions in which it is maintained. These materials are deteriorated in humid conditions, extremes of cold/heat and with time. The lack of use of the vests means that many bodies and security forces, in many cases, leave the jacket in the trunk of the patrol car or stored in any way. From SHOKE we recommend keeping the vest in the best conditions to avoid deterioration of the materials of the same.

Something fundamental to keep in mind is that the bulletproof vest cannot be washed. Only the cover is washable. Usually (in SHOKE we do this) the garments are sold with a spare case and carrying bag. The lower part of the vest should be at the level of the navel. It is essential when the front ballistic panel is reinserted into the cover after washing, that it is facing outward. Manufacturers warn with labeling the surface of the vest that should be glued to the body. Otherwise, the vest loses its effectiveness.

In SHOKE we advise you as best as possible when choosing your bulletproof vest.

  • Bulletproof vest Rabintex Interior Level IIIA mod. KNIGHTEX is a flexible, thin and comfortable vest.
  • Ballistic level of protection: IIIA – Ballistic package manufactured with ARTEC, ultra flexible, a cover of ballistic inserts heat-sealed, resistant to water and ultraviolet rays.
  • Bullet panel total thickness: 5mm
  • Includes side protection.
  • Weight: 1,6kg.
  • Includes cover, replacement case and carrying bag.
  • Special internal fabric with the ability to absorb sweat and body heat.
  • Certificate of guarantee 10 years for ballistic panels

Bulletproof vest Rabintex Interior level IIIA mod. Quartet:

  • Ballistic level of protection: IIIA
  • Ballistic package manufactured with ARTEC, flexible, thermo-sealed ballistic inserts resistant to water and ultraviolet rays.
  • The total thickness of the ballistic panel: 6mm

Minimum protection area: –

  • Rear surface: 0.150m.
  • Front surface: 0.130m.
  • Total protection surface: 0.280m.
  • Includes lateral protection.
  • Weight: 1.7Kg.
  • Certificate of guarantee ten years for the ballistic panels.
  • Certificate of liability insurance of 10,000,000 US $.

Bulletproof vest Sioen Interior level IIIA mod SK1-6: it is the evolution of the SK1-5 model developed by ABA. The new model is still lighter and more flexible than its predecessor, but with superior features.

The level of ballistic protection is the SK1 of the German Standard, much higher than the 3A of the NIJ and much more in line with European needs.

  • Optional KR2 level Slow down protection panel certified by HOSDB.
  • Greater lateral protection, greater protection surface, and a curved profile to improve the discretion.
  • Anti-trauma plate pocket integrated into both ballistic packages.
  • Outer cover with four adjustment points.
  • Soldier ballistic packages.
  • 10-year anti-aggression guarantee.

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Types of Short – Weapon Ammunition for Police and Military

Types of Short – Weapon Ammunition for Police and Military: In SHOKE we work with the majority of calibers, brands, and models of cartridges for short weapons. They differ depending on the type of tip, width, and length, etc. There are several types of ammunition depending on the tip, caliber, brand, etc. Do you know which ones they are?

Types of Short-weapon Ammunition for Military or Police Officers

Types of Short

1. Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)

This type of lead bullet gets its name because it is usually coated, usually copper or brass. It is usually manufactured between 115 and 124 grains. It is a type of police ammunition that is used in training and shooting practices mainly, since despite having a great power of penetration, its stop is very slight, and can cause collateral accidents. That is, the bullet penetrates the target and can pass through, creating a third party to get hurt and the person fired can continue to approach the police. The MacTech 900 Cartridge or the GECO cal metal cartridge. 9mmPB FMJ, are just some examples of FMJ ammunition that you can find in Shoke Store for your police loaders.

2. Semiblindada

Although it depends on the different policemen, city councils, military groups, security companies, etc., this is the type of ammunition most used by security professionals in their armed services. Its stopping power is much higher than in the previous ammo, so it has greater effectiveness when it comes to slow down the target, and the chances of a rebound are reduced. Usually, these cartridges have 123 Gr. For example, in Shoke we have the semi-bonded rounds of the FIOCCHI brand.

3. Lead

this type of ammunition has more stopping power than armored ammunition. Therefore, it has the advantage of avoiding any bounce from the target to other points. The lead tip cartridges usually have 158 gr. For guns, this type of cartridge is practically in disuse, as lead can cause more interruptions of the weapon, even producing jamming. At Shoke Store we have some lead ammunition used mainly by security guards in their revolvers, such as the GECO cal .38 SPL Lead Metal Cartridges.

4.  Other types of ammo

  • Hollow: this type of ammo increases accuracy and, like lead bullets, has a high power of opening and stopping. Currently, they are used mainly by the elite Police Corps since their price is higher and their marketing is not very widespread. Its sale to a particular way is prohibited and are usually 124 Grains.
  • EMB: this is a type of ammunition that due to its design not only penetrates with high intensity in the body but instead of crossing it also expands in it. This ammunition usually has 93 gr. And also has good stopping power.

These examples that we have presented to you are the most common in the world of police porters and their ammunition.

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What Products for Plainclothes Police or Tactical Items for Plainclothes Exist?

The equipment of the members of the State security forces must include specific tactical material for the police or military, civilian missions. Today we talk about all the tactical clothes or products for plainclothes police that exist and the characteristics they should have.

When a law enforcement officer or member of the state security forces carries,  out a covert mission or goes without a uniform during his leisure time, he needs to carry his police equipment as practical, useful and safe as the official uniform, but without that these garments draw attention to their real work. Today we will talk about all the clothes for plainclothes police that exist, calling attention to the characteristics that these garments must have to be useful. Do not miss it!

Tactical Items for Plainclothes
Tactical Items for Plainclothes

Essential characteristics when choosing clothes for plainclothes police

When selecting clothes for civilian police, it is imperative that you take into account the material with which they are designed. These garments must be resistant and at the same time very comfortable, to allow any movement you make, without breaking or wearing.

Also, it is essential that these garments have hidden pockets or mechanisms that enable the agent to carry the equipment you need without it being perceived by citizens. Also, these pockets should allow a quick extraction of the weapon or tactical material required by the police to avoid security problems.

Clothing for plainclothes police that you must include in your political equipment

  1. Tactical clothing: at Shoke Store we are the premium leader of 11 Tactical, the brand of tactical clothing chosen by the FBI. Thanks to this we can offer to all our client’s garments of the highest quality and that are specially designed for the tactical world. For that reason, in your civilian equipment, you should not miss pants like the 5.11 ridgeline, which allow high flexibility of movements, like the 5.11 Taclite Pro shirt, which also has several hidden pockets for the equipment. However, to carry your computer, you can even count on the 5.11 tactical inner shirt that allows you to take your secret weapon or with the SHOKE jacket, that in addition to offering you warmth and comfort has several and ample pockets.
  2. Police accessories: if the plainclothes police clothes you have do not allow you to carry your equipment, you can always choose to add police accessories for civilian as the Shoke belt that guarantees maximum strength with its three-point fastening buckle. To take the weapon you also have different options, being the ankle for revolver and small pistol Shoke one of the most strategic options. No However, if you prefer to have the gun closer, you must choose the holster for pistol or revolver Shoke. Finally, there is a third option that allows you to carry the weapon and other items of your equipment attached to your abdomen that is the elastic Shoke. Another very usual option to send the gun is the SHOKE interior covers. You can take the gun in a very discreet way by wearing an inner police cover for the gun. This can be rigid or sanity.
  3. Backpacks and tactical bags: tactical clothing and accessories allow you to take part of your equipment, but often not all of it. Therefore, if you prefer to carry your computer in a backpack or tactical bag, you have several options. For example, you can choose the SHOKE shoulder bag that in addition to allowing you to carry the weapon, will enable you to take the shackles, the defense spray or the charger, among other things and always with a quick extraction. Also, the 11 Select Carry Pistol fanny pack offers you to carry your tactical material 100% discreetly and with maximum security. In case you need more space, you can opt for a tactical backpack like the Mil-Tec Assault backpack which has a capacity of up to 8 liters.
  4. Defense equipment: in addition to plainclothes police clothing, there is also defense equipment specially designed for covert missions. For example, instead of opting for the traditional metal shackles, you can choose Shoke lasso shackles that are very light and easy to wear hidden. As for the defenses, the best option is to select extendable protection that can be reduced to facilitate its transport and to hide it more easily.

Shoke Store we work to offer maximum security to our customers, therefore, the clothes for plainclothes police that you will find in our store guarantee you the same protection and resistance, that those that are used in the official uniform.

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