Intex Challenger K2 – The Most Sold Inflatable Kayak

Intex Challenger K2: Climbing a kayak and surfing the water assures you of great moments of fun, both individually and as a couple. And the option that is picking up the sales in online stores is the Intex Challenger K2 (see Offers on Amazon), 🛶 a high-performance inflatable.

Intex Challenger K2

What elements make this kayak stand out from the others in 2019? What are the reasons for choosing them? Let’s talk about this and other details.

Intex Challenger

Characteristics of the Intex Challenger K2

Thisan inflatable is thinking to ensure the comfort of its occupants. The basic specifications are these:

  • Load capacity of up to 180 kg
  • Two sets of removable seats
  • Aerodynamic design with graphics that improve the visibility of the kayak
  • High-density vinyl to improve resistance
  • Network slides in the front
  • Low profile. Dimensions 3.5 meters, 75 centimeters wide and 40 high
  • Total empty weight: 17 kilos

Why choose this inflatable kayak?

If you want to find the best inflatable kayak at a good price, the Challenger is one of the best options available. There are also other reasons why it is a great purchase.

  • Ease of transport: One of the most common problems that kayaks have is that they can not be stored anywhere, nor are they easy to transport. Being inflatable, the Intex Challenger allows you to carry it comfortably in the trunk of the car. In 20 minutes you can inflate to use it, and re-remove the air at the same time to save it again.
  • Very good control: whenever you know how to paddle in a kayak, this will allow you maximum control in the water. It does not tend to deviate or slip so that you can enjoy a pleasant walk.
  • A great investment: The price of kayaking is very affordable. You may even doubt about the quality you may have. However, it is a very well finished product, with first-class materials and high-end elements. For example the possibility of removing the seats.
  • Kayak adaptable to one or two occupants: If you ever go out alone, all you have to do is remove the excess seat. You will be able to row without problems, and you will have additional storage space.

Here you can find the best prices for the Intex Challenger K2

The comments of those who have already tried it is a good way to know what is the general impression of this kayak. Many highlight the excellent relationship it has in terms of price and quality. Also how fast it swells, just 5 minutes with the built-in inflator.

The amplitude of the squares is another of the things that are discussed the most. Also, how easy it is to drive, even if you do not have much knowledge. And it has everything you need to get out on the water, so you will not need to look for oars or any other accessory. It already brings everything.

Opinions about the Challenger K2

If you are interested in a kayak that is practical and easy to transport. One that is of good quality and resistance. A kayak that does not force you to sacrifice your economy to enjoy a good day of action does not hesitate. The Intex Challenger K2 is one of the most recommended inflatable kayaks. First for its price, which can not go unnoticed. But also for the good result, it offers in any condition.

That’s why it has become the model that has the most sales in Amazon. The idea of being able to inflate the kayak when we get to the water, without having to install a roof rack to carry it, is very attractive. It is one of the easiest to save that exist, so you will not have trouble finding a site when you do not use it.

What are you waiting to buy your Challenger K2 and enjoy yourself or yours of a great day ?. Buy with the Best Offer in Online Stores!

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