Tactical Products to Protect Against Accidents and Other Risk Situations

Tactical Products to Protect Against Accidents and Other Risk Situations: Throughout the year, you can be in different risk situations and tactical products to protect yourself against accidents can help you. Today we discover the best options for each case.

Protect Against Accidents
Protect Against Accidents

At Tienda Shoke we try to make the work of the security forces and bodies of the State much safer. However, in our store we have all kinds of security products, specially designed for different situations of risk, that can live both security agents and civilians. Today we have created a collection of the best tactical products to protect against accidents and other risk situations. Discover them!

The best tactical products to protect against accidents, depending on the type of situation

  1. RESUME Device for Car Accident: to maintain greater safety when driving in a car, it is essential that the use of the safety belt. However, if you suffer some accident, you may be trapped by the belt, and you can not take it off. Therefore, in Shoke Store we recommend that you always carry the RESQME device with you. This device in keychain format, is a 2 × 1 for car safety, as it has a blade that allows you to tear the belt if you get stuck, as well as a glass breaker so you can break the window and leave the vehicle. In Shoke Store we also have another type of glass breaker that we incorporate our kubotanes, as in this model. The benefits of these tactical products to protect against car accidents is that they are very light and allow you to always carry them with you.
  2. Disasters or mountain emergencies: when you make an outdoor adventure in the mountains, it is essential that you go well prepared, because as much as you know the terrain and are ready, you never know what can happen. Therefore, we recommend that you always add an emergency pack to your tactical backpack. For example, this model of MilTec is one of the complete emergency pack that exists with 43 pieces grouped in a bag of slightly a small size. Another option is to choose the Albainox first aid kit, which is much smaller and more portable but has the essential components for emergencies.

In addition to these kits, another of the tactical products to protect against mountain accidents that we recommend in SHOKE is the TIE emergency turnstile. Being prepared, its operation is quite simple to handle and helps you in the face of extreme situations, while emergency teams arrive.

Finally, if you are going to spend more time on the mountain, we recommend that you add some water purification tablets to your tactical backpack, which will ensure that you never run out of drinking water in nature.

  1. Emergencies in the city: finally, one of the most common situations is to experience some emergency in the town, for robberies or other types of dangerous conditions for civilians. For this kind of moments, Shoke Store we have a wide range of kubotanes, like these interchangeable tips, which has a high resistance to the pair that lightness.

Also, we recommend the Fito personal protection spray pack and panic button, whose full features we tell you in this article of our blog. In short, before any attacker, the Fito personal defense spray will allow you to disable it for 15-20 minutes while escaping generating a loud sound around you, thanks to the panic button.

Emergencies are many and varied, and Shoke Store tries to provide maximum safety thanks to our tactical products to protect against accidents.

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The 7 Best Hiking Shoe Crampons: An Optimal Grip On All Tracks

Best Hiking Shoe Crampons: For practical and safe reasons, using the best crampons for hiking boots is essential when you’re on an expedition on winding roads or a frozen track.

Bad quality crampons or microspikes expose people who hike in frozen terrain to risks of falling which can be dangerous or even fatal. They must provide optimal support in the harshest conditions to allow the hiker to evolve safely.

Best Hiking Shoe Crampons

The stability is based on the bindings on the shoes which also contribute to the comfort of wearing and the robustness of the crampons. Choosing your crampons for hiking boots guarantees comfort and safety. Here is a guide that brings together the best models of cleats for hiking shoes to adequately advise you in your choice.

Best Hiking Shoe Crampons
Best Hiking Shoe Crampons

What are the best crampons for hiking shoes?

With the hundreds of brands that abound in the market, making the best choice can be complicated. Being practical and safe equipment, the crampons must be extremely solid and of excellent quality.

It is essential to know the essential characteristics of ideal hiking shoe cleats to ensure you make the best choice. In addition to the technical aspects to be taken into account, it is also advisable to refer to the price-quality ratio to ensure a good investment.

We present below  the best crampons for hiking shoes :

  1. Mixed crampons for hiking shoe SNOWLINE Chains Trail

Versatility and efficiency are at the rendezvous with these crampons hiking shoes. They are designed for lightweight shoes between 36 and 40. They are also suitable for après-ski between 35 and 39.

In use, you will not even feel it on your feet. Indeed, these crampons weigh only 170 g only. This will not weigh down your foot while walking.

The crampons measure 7.5 mm. The structure of the product is made of an elastomer to allow a perfect adaptation to your shoes. The tips and chains are made from rubber and stainless steel.

The high-tech elastomer offers both good adhesion and perfect resistance to cold: it can withstand temperatures up to -60 ° C. Very easy to use, you can put on and remove in seconds.

  1. Non-slip shoe cleats with 18 teeth AUHIKE

The quality is perceptible from the first approaches with this product. Indeed, the teeth of these crampons are made with high-performance manganese steel, both durable and robust.

Easily slip on your hiking boots, these crampons ensure optimal grip for all types of frozen ground. These crampons can withstand temperatures down to -40 ° C. You can use it outdoors, for your mountain getaways. But they are also suitable for walks in the city.

The elastic harness helps to support your feet while remaining easily removable. Versatile, it can be used on all shoes, whether it is a size S from 35 to 40, a size M from 40.5 to 44 or a size L from 44.5 to 48.

  1. Kahtoola Microspikes anti-slip chain crampons

With superior quality raw materials, the most important of which is stainless steel for all its metal components, Kahtoola Microspikes models are suitable for all types of boots.

Equipped with 12 picks per foot, this model of microspikes is available in all sizes for the comfort of hikers of all ages. Kahtoola’s crampons were lightened by 13% of its initial weight thanks to 50% less thickness for the elastomer harness.

This accommodates more hikers in progression on snow and ice. The manufacturer provides a 24-month warranty for this equipment.

  1. ICEtrekkers Nonslip Chain Crampons

Rather suited to walking shoes, the ICEtrekkers Diamond Grip guarantees absolute comfort to its users. Indeed, chain microspikes are known to be anti-slip. The device has been subjected to numerous comfort tests that have proven decisive. The robust skirt dramatically facilitates the installation of these crampons.

The ICEtrekkers Diamond Grip is an innovative and patented model. Its manufacturers have focused on three watchwords: know-how, functionality, and quality. This makes ICEtrekkers Diamond Grip a model of perfection and guarantees for winter sports enthusiasts on any type of terrain.

  1. WEYN 19/8 stainless steel snow and ice cleats

WEYN has designed 19-tooth crampons for those who are looking for versatile equipment suitable for all types of outdoor activities and on all terrains.

The many other crampons provide above all comfort unparalleled. The high-quality shoes made of TPE rubber provide maximum protection for your feet against external aggressions. A special bag is made available to the hiker for easy transportation of his equipment. This allows you to take your microspikes anywhere with you.

  1. Terra Hiker snow cleats

The boots with 12 anti-slip Terra Hiker teeth are for those who want to practice ice cascades safely. It also gives you anti-slip quality for all tracks.

With 18 teeth, the stainless steel used allows use on many snowy sites. These equipment are easy to put on and very light at the port to ensure optimum stability in snow and ice areas.

Terra Hiker models with 18 teeth are compatible with different models of sports shoes. A transport bag is at your disposal so that you can take your equipment with you wherever you go.

  1. Anti-slip crampons with 18 hooks OUTAD

Available in different sizes and focusing on safety and quality, OUTAD products are non-slip and are made for the whole family. The brand offers excellent quality microspikes made of stainless steel and TPR rubber for added strength and comfort.

Its weight of 428 grams allows it an easy port through the difficult hikes and in a snowy situation. OUTAD crampons will be the best allies for winter outings and climbing obstacles in the pocket.

How to recognize good crampons?

Good models are sometimes difficult to recognize. However, there are several criteria that you must consider in order not to go wrong.

Traction adherent

Adhesion is the most sought-after criterion for microspikes to use during activities on snow and ice. Adherent traction is, therefore, the most essential feature of a good Microspike.

Sustainable quality

It is essential to choose a high-quality Microspikes that can be used for many winters. To find out if the product can withstand your activities, bet on features that match the rigidity of your sports shoes.

Good fit

Promote models that fit perfectly to your feet. Indeed a lousy pose creates pressure points that can become extremely uncomfortable for your feet.

Quick on and Quick off

Good crampons that are easy to put on and take off, such as Kahtoola Microspikes, which does not require any additional accessories, are more than worthwhile for traveling or for simple activities.

Have the best Microspikes for your activity

For you to achieve the activities you want to do perfectly, a good choice must be made. To do this, please use them in the right way and depending on where you plan to hike.

How to use them?

Many types of microspikes are available on the market. The majority is designed for slow walking such as trail riding or sidewalk hiking. Others are more suited to the winter race.

Where to use them?

No need to bring Microspikes for simple walks in the city. If you want to hike in slippery terrain, opt for those who provide optimal support in wet ground. On the other hand, in the presence of steeper terrain, mountaineering harnesses are more appropriate.

Crampons for hiking boots, mountaineering crampons or snowshoes?

One often tends to confuse between hiking shoes, mountaineering shoes, and snowshoes. However, there are specific uses. We show you what the difference is.


These models are more effective on snowy and slippery flat terrain. Microspikes easily adhere to the ice when the soles of boots can no longer do their job. Its weight is very light, which gives great comfort to its users.

Climbing crampons

These are heavier due to the presence of large steel peaks that cling perfectly to the ice and snow slopes. Fatigue is easily felt when using these models of mountaineering.


More than a traction tool, snowshoes allow its users to progress easily on snow still liquid thanks to its teeth that grip easily. They can also be used when visiting lower slopes.


Fastening systems are important to promote stability and comfort on the move. He existed three different kinds of bindings on the market:

Hybrid link

This attachment allows the connection of microspikes to your rigid soled boots. A toe strap is most often delivered with the device, to increase its effectiveness and facilitate its installation.

Binding with claws

A tension lever and a heel cable constitute the binding of the claw binding. This type of binding is best suited for rigid soled boots and a 3/8 inch welt on the heels. Microspikes are often accompanied by a strap to secure the ankles from any external injuries further.

Strap Attachment

This binding is the one that adapts most to all types of sports shoes. With its nylon straps, installation on the different types of climbing boots and hiking is easy. Those who have several models of sports shoes have all their interest to opt for strap attachment.

Crampons and boots compatible

Your crampons must be consistent with the shoes to maximize the safety of the wearer. It is necessary to rely on good references to not put his life at risk during hiking and other activities on snowy or icy surfaces.

The choice depends primarily on the model of boots on which they will be mounted. This is why it is strongly recommended to take the shoes when buying crampons so as not to be mistaken about the flexibility of the soleplate as well as the adjustment.

It is also necessary to know the conditions of use of microspikes: foot on the flat snowy surface, hike on a sloping surface, climbing, etc. in case of doubt, it is best to rely on strap-on systems that are suitable for many types of shoes.

Care and use

The maintenance of the equipment guarantees their service life. Cleats for walking shoes are intended for extreme use. This does not justify, however, the lack of precaution during the purpose of this equipment.

Taking care of your microspikes and using them thoughtfully allows you to enjoy their assets longer and minimize the risk of falling and injury.

Before leaving, it is, therefore, advisable to place the ice tongs correctly, slip the end of the shoes at the front tips, and then stretch the affected part at the heel of the crampons towards the heel of your boots or shoes. Then adjust the teeth according to your needs and in the center of your feet.

Also, it is not necessary to make too specific interviews. On the other hand, on a deglazed surface, frequent use of the model with chemicals requires rinsing and drying after each use.

Do not hesitate to periodically check the expandable harness to prevent tears and other signs of wear. If there is any sign of wear, immediately return the ice tongs to the warranty service or obtain new ones as soon as possible.

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