Poulan Pro PPCRT17 208cc Counter Rotating Rear-Tine Tiller

There was a time when gardeners used hand-driven plows to break up the soil and make it suitable for planting seeds. These plows are still available, but now things have been changed with time. Today people are more comfortable to use motorized machines like rear tine tiller rather than using hand-driven plows as this garden tool helps a lot for tilling a large area within a short time. And the power of breaking soil differs from tiller to tiller. So, if you choose a regular rear tine tiller, you will need more time to finish plowing. Even sometimes some gardeners can’t correctly plow the land with the regular one. Hence, you should use the best rear tine tiller to avoid such problems.

As you see, many brands are manufacturing various quality tillers. That’s why it becomes challenging to arrive at the right choice, especially for beginners. They select the wrong rear tine tillers without checking some significant vital features. And that is the most common mistake that peoples have ever made. So, if you start researching thoroughly, then it will be easier to find out the best one. Therefore, if you need any recommendation, you may check the Poulan Pro PPCRT17 208cc Counter Rotating Rear-Tine Tiller. Here we are going to review  Poulan Pro PPCRT17 208cc Counter Rotating Rear-Tine Tiller with its pros and cons.

Engine & Drive System:

Poulan Pro PPCRT17 is very popular among the garden enthusiasts for its excellent features. It comes with a powerful engine which can deliver you high power for easy tilling. And the tiller has a heavy-duty chain drive system which allows you to operate the machine effortlessly. That means you can run the device forward and reverse as per your need.


The rear tine tiller features 13″ counter-rotating tines which allow you to grind small and large yards. As a result, it enables you to break up heavy, uncultivated soil quickly and easily. Again, the tiller has a standard 17″ tilling width as well as 6.5″ tilling depth which is ideal for cultivation.


Anyone can start gardening with the help of Poulan Pro PPCRT17 because it is user-friendly and easy to use. It comes with adjustable handles which follow a split loop mechanism so that you can raise or lower the handle according to your need. Also, it allows you to operate the tiller with one hand from either the left or right side of it. In summary, it has all specialties that every gardener need.


  • Features heavy-duty chain drive transmission
  • Ensures improved performance
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Has counter rotating tines
  • Comes with a powerful engine


  • Packaging could be better



If you live in an area with hard soil or clay, then breaking the hard ground with a shovel is must be challenging indeed. Therefore, you can consider a rear tine tiller as they have blades at the back side which are driven by the engine to break the hard ground.  The Poulan Pro PPCRT17 208cc Counter Rotating Rear-Tine Tiller comes with a powerful and efficient engine which has excellent transmission capability and ideal for tilling. And it also helps the gardeners to loosen up any soil effortlessly. So, undoubtedly it can be an excellent choice for all garden enthusiast as well.